Branding Goldmine: The Workshop
is our signature branding workshop
fresh South Florida based entrepreneurs hosted by
Gaby Guzman and Nadia Payan


Imagine gathering one weekend and creating a brand that feels 100% true to you and your vision - pillars, value, statement, pitch and turning that brand into beautiful and engaging social media content that will start to tell your story to the world.

We created Branding Goldmine: The Workshop, as an intimate, immersive experience among entrepreneurs to support one another as we do foundational branding and social media work that you need so your business can truly thrive. 



How does the workshop work?

YOU //

Love what you do.
That's why you went into business. To share your knowledge, product or service and change the world. 

Now you need to find your tribe and be prepared for them to see you.

Really see you.

Your brand will be aligned with your passion for your work.



US //

Branding Goldmine is hosted by Nadia Payan and Gaby Guzman.

Nadia and Gaby share a passion for authenticity and the power of true connections. The duo have over 13 years combined experience in digital advertising agencies, defining the digital strategies and managing the execution for global brands including IKEA USA and Tiffany & Co.

Most recently we are collaborating to guide mission-based entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profits in bringing their branding vision to life online. 

Want more? Read about Gaby and Nadia by clicking here.


WE //

Are prepared to jam on your brand and fine tune your vision and mission to sound and look just like you want it to.

Share our experiences as a group.

Work together for you to learn to take photos, create designs and develop a social media strategy for your brand.



Be ready for a seriously creative, collaborative and strategic workshop with other ambitious, authentic and passionate business owners.




A clear and authentic brand is the heart of your business. It sets the foundation for business decisions, for your relationships, for your story. It prepares you to tell that story through engaging content that will attract your tribe and create a thriving community of long term customers. 

Day 1: Get Clear on Your Brand and Why It Matters

  • Understand Your Why
  • Define Your Brand Value and Unique Differentiators
  • Establish Your Brand Pillars
  • Define How Much of You Fits into Your Brand (The Blend)
  • Create Your Brand Statement
  • Introduce Your Brand To Others

Day 2: Turn Your Brand Into Engaging Content that Attracts Your Tribe

  • Learn and Practice Photography Essentials for iPhone
  • Learn Graphic Design Fundamentals
  • Define Graphic Design Fundamentals for Your Brand
  • Understand the Foundation of a Social Media Strategy and Execution Plan
  • Learn how to Turn Your Brand Into Content and Growing Followers
  • Create 2 - 3 Social Media Posts In Line with Your Brand

I found that the branding workshop not only helped me get clearer on what I do but also on why I do it. This was critical in moving me towards crafting and focusing my brand according to my personal strengths. Gaby and Nadia are truly experts on what they do, they provided me with the hands on experience and practical tools to get me started in knowing and rocking my brand.


AND you ALSO get...

A Miami-worthy supply of coffee & tea. All. Day. Long.
Delicious snacks and treats to keep you fueled throughout the day
A healthy local lunch delivered to us to keep our brains going
All materials you will need to learn (except your iPhone, camera and laptop).


I really enjoyed working with Gaby and Nadia to uncover my personal and professional brand values and pillars. The work we did will be invaluable to me as I launch my new venture. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone looking to build a meaningful brand!



WHEN: Friday, June 25th and Saturday, June 26th 9:30AM - 4:30PM
WHERE: 537 SW 12th Ave. Miami, FL 33130
HOW MUCH: $400

frequently asked questions

What if I'm a beginner?

Perfect! This workshop was created for both fresh and seasoned business owners who are interested in do-it-yourself branding in an authentic, compelling way.


What should I bring?

Bring your smartphone fully charged and with some memory since we'll be taking photos. Also bring an open mind and a good night's sleep. We'll take care of the rest. :)


What is the refund policy?

We have a “tough love” cancellation policy. If you are purchasing a ticket to this workshop, please know that your ticket is “non-refundable and transferrable.” This is a fancy way of saying: If your plans change, and you are no longer able to attend the event, you cannot “cancel” and then get a refund.

What you can do is: 1. Give your ticket to somebody else. 2. Sell your ticket to somebody else. It is your responsibility to find that “somebody else”.


Really, though... Just come.
Be brave and show up.
For you. For your business. 

You got this.